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WINPACK INDUSTRY LLC, sole zipper bags producer in Romania, manufactures and markets sanitary approved reclosable 100% virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) ziplock bags.

Commonly marketed under different names such as ziplock bags, zippack bags, recloseable bags, resealable bags, zipper bags are now produced by our company and are certainly a perfect choice for you.

We created standard dimensions to match our customers' requests, but we can manufacture other sizes according to your desire.

Standard dimensions
bags can be with or without a blue stripe above the zipper
Maximum 2-color printing
bags can be transparent or opaque (dyed)
Perforations for ventilation and suspension
two types of perforations for hanging
micro-ventilation fans
Bottom ply bag
we produce bags with a fold in the bottom that allow better stability when the bag is filled with your products.
Size and thickness:
Width: 40-450 mm
Length: 60-400 mm
Thinckness: 35-70 my

Whether you are wholesale supplier, retail store or end user we are ready to offer our products at competitive prices with prompt delivery accompanied by quality services.

By continuing refurbishment and a high quality staff experience, we managed to get a good price-quality products ratio.

You will find details of our products accessing the page "products". For more information please contact us at office@winpack.ro and our specialists will respond promptly to any questions, giving you the best solutions.